Biceps - Barbell Bicep Curl

Biceps - Barbell Bicep Curl
The Bicep Curl is a standard bicep exercise for a reason, it works the biceps hard and gets them growing! Main muscle targeted with Barbell Bicep Curl exercise


  • Isolation exercise
  • Muscle targeted – Biceps
  • Can be done with an EZ-bar or straight bar.

Male | Female


Standing with feet shoulder width apart, pick up the barbell with your palms away from you. Rest the barbell on your thighs. With a straight back, lift the barbell towards your chest. Try to hold your body as still as possible and focus just on your arms. Control the barbell as you lower it (The whole way) to your thighs.

Why it’s good:

If you want focus on those biceps, this is your starting point. Whether you want a set of guns that will look great, or elegant, toned upper arms, the barbell bicep curl can help you get there.

What to watch out for:

It’s worth noting that while practically everyone has seen a bicep curl, there are a few things you should keep in mind: The more control you have, the more you are exercising the biceps. One good rep is better than ten terrible ones. Keep your back straight. Don’t crunch over, or arch back too far. If you can’t do the reps without making these movements, try a lighter weight. Don’t worry, you’ll build up to that level soon.

Snapshot: Barbell Bicep Curl

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