Don’t fall for the paleo diet trap

Don’t fall for the paleo diet trap
Diet fads can do more damage to your body than good. Those looking to cut corners and get fit fast often end up starving their body of the nutrients and physical activity it needs to operate at the peak of its powers. One of the worst examples of this is the Paleo diet. Thousands of people around the world put faith in this diet, removing valuable carbohydrates from their eating routines and robbing themselves of the energy they need to make a real change to their physique. Many fitness fanatics felt the diet was ridiculous from the start. Now scientists have backed that up with some cold hard facts. Looking back The Paleo diet instructs followers to eat only what cavemen would eat. This was initially believed to be increased amounts of red meat and fish. However, a 2015 study from The Quarterly Review of Biology has put that nonsense to bed. Biologists studied teeth from 3 million years ago and, when combined with research regarding the different plants available at the time, concluded that cavemen ate plenty of carbohydrates by way of tubers and starchy vegetables. Evolution Other studies have shown that we have become the fighting, fit machines we are today because our bodies and the foods that go in them have drastically evolved. We’re not eating the same fish and meat and vegetables that cavemen would have eaten. The goal of the Paleo diet is to have a body that functions as highly as that of cavemen that survived without many of the modern amenities we enjoy today. Even that is foolish, as research suggests that our earliest ancestors were not even that healthy to begin with. The Paleo diet is built on shaky foundations that will not support your fitness goals. The best ways to get healthy We can get behind increasing protein intake and avoiding processed fats and sugars, but the key to getting the toned, muscular body you want is ingesting a variety of healthy nutrients. Instead of falling for some bogus get-fit-quick fads, stick to a solid exercise routine and eat healthily. Then grab some protein supplements and carbohydrate supplements to make sure you’re getting ample amounts of everything you need. Try Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey, Ehp Labs OxyShred or discover other great options that suit your lifestyle and goals. Don’t rely on the Paleo diet or any other fitness fad that comes along. Back yourself instead of some phony trend. Combining hard work in the gym with a balanced diet and excellent supplements is a much more reasonable way to get the toned, muscular body you desire. Read More:

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