Four awesome supplements for cyclists

Four awesome supplements for cyclists
Hitting the road or trail on your bike can be one of the most rewarding and gratifying exercising experiences. Maybe you’re a cycling fanatic. You’ve bought the best frame, pedals, clothing and other gear to optimise your riding. But there’s still something missing. It might just be supplements that could possibly help you take your biking to another level. Multi Vitamins To be honest, almost everybody would probably benefit from incorporating multi vitamins into their everyday diet. That’s because our bodies rely on these vitamins and minerals for a variety of important functions. While you are pushing yourself to cover dozens or even hundreds of kilometres on your bike, your body’s reserves of these substances are depleted. Multi vitamins such as Multi from Mutant can help you perform better while riding and recover quicker afterwards. ZMA As previously mentioned, your stores of important nutrients and minerals are depleted as you ride. Two of these substances are zinc and magnesium, which help keep your energy levels high and fend off cramps and nausea, two potential dangers of pushing yourself too hard when riding. Mutant ZMA+ and other similar supplements can help keep your levels of these supplements high, making for a longer, more enjoyable bike session. Caffeine No, we’re not suggesting you pound litres of cola before you head out on your next ride. But you might want to consider grabbing a caffeine supplement if you want to maximise your efforts during a longer endurance ride. Caffeine can help your body last longer before reaching its point of exhaustion, therefore allowing you to push yourself a bit further. Whey Protein Just like multi vitamins, whey protein supplements that can help your muscles recover after a punishing ride. Whey protein can also be key in building those muscles, helping you prepare your body for longer, tougher sessions in the saddle. Consider grabbing some  Gold Standard 100% Whey from Optimum Nutrition to treat your legs right. Supplements can help you achieve your cycling goals, whether you’re looking to improve your overall health through riding or want to really focus on improving your technique and times. Consider picking some up today. Read More:

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