What is whey protein?

What is whey protein?
If you’re new to the protein game, you might be a little confused between the two types of labelling you might see as you browse through products. When it comes to  protein supplements, many are labelled either casein/slow release or whey. Casein/slow release supplements act just as you would expect with a name like that. They release a slow, steady stream of protein to your body. Whey protein does the opposite. Whey protein drinks and protein bars start going to work almost immediately after you ingest them. Whey protein consists of essential amino acids that can be absorbed by the body quickly. It is these amino acide that help create protein. That is why it is so good to take whey products just before or just after you work out. Doing so means your body experiences the benefits of protein in combination with your weight lifting. Considering two of those benefits are the assistance of muscle growth and the restriction of its degeneration, you can see why it’s so helpful to have protein pumping through your body while you’re pumping iron   Whey protein is actually the watery part of milk. You might have seen it in its liquid form on the top of organic yogurt when you’ve taken the lid off. This water separates from the rest of the milk (which is made of casein) during the production of cheese. Then it goes through a process to be transformed into the common powder and bar forms you’re familiar with. You can make sure you get a suitable amount of whey protein for your next workout session by picking up supplements such as Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey or Optimum Nutrition ISOLATE . Make whey protein a part of your routine to turn your results into tangible muscle. Read More:

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