Four of the best supplements for rugby players

Four of the best supplements for rugby players
Rugby – the game they play in heaven –requires an amazing combination of speed and strength. The constant positioning running and, oh yeah, brutal contact can destroy your body if you aren’t adequately prepared. Now you have no excuse. When combined with training and eating right, the following supplements can help you build a fighting fit rugby machine. Protein Not all rugby players are built the same. Second rowers don’t look the same as outside backs because they have different roles to fill for the team. Regardless of what jersey number you’re wearing, you’re going to need your muscles to fire until the final whistle. Protein drinks and protein bars, cookies and snacks are great tools for building up mass that will help you do your job, whether it’s getting down and dirty in the ruck or outpacing a defender for a try down the sideline. Try some Quest Bars or Optimum Nutrition 100% Casein protein to help your muscles grow. Glutamine So, you know how we were saying how helpful protein is in creating muscle? Well, that protein consists of amino acids, a major one of which is glutamine. If you want to help your body build bulk up, try Optimum Nutrition Glutamine or another similar supplement. Creatine Creatine supplements are the best of both worlds. Like protein, they help boost your body’s ability to grow muscle. However, they also help with muscle recovery, which is key after a tough match. Try Optimum Nutrition Creatine Powder to provide your body some assistance before, during and after matches. Multi vitamins These supplements are good additions to the cabinet or sport bag of any athlete, but they can be especially helpful for rugby players. Multi vitamins give you an extra dose of the important nutrients that you lose during training and matches. Try some Musashi ZMA +, which shoots zinc and magnesium to your body to help with muscle growth and repair. Rugby players need to be able to have strong cardiovascular and muscular ability to stand up to the tiring, bruising nature of the sport. Trying some of these supplements might be just what you need to get over the line the next time you lace up your boots and put your mouth guard in. Read More:

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