Staunch Kanga Milk

Staunch Kanga Milk
If building mass is part of your fitness goals, then Staunch Kanga Milk is for you. This premiere mass gainer is perfect for those who want to add muscle mass without all those unhealthy fats or sugars. There are a range of mass gaining products out there that are often filled with sugars, fats and calories all hidden behind wording such as *proprietary Blends*. With Staunch Kanga Milk you know what you are getting – 50grams of nothing but pure high-quality protein along with 139 grams of carbs and 7 grams of fat, nothing more and nothing less! When it comes to Kanga Milk, Staunch has gone above and beyond delivering to its consumers a mass gainer that uses, fat complex, protein complex, muscle building complex, carb complex and a digestive enzyme complex. Giving you a powerful mass gainer that provides all the fuel your body needs, in the healthiest way possible. Even younger athletes will appreciate this powerful mass gainer being a part of their routine. Great news - Staunch Kanga Milk comes in two yummy flavours;
  • Milk Chocolate – with a creamy texture and incredible flavour it delivers a real chocolate punch to your mouth, which is sure to please.
  • French Vanilla – if you have a sweet tooth, you’ll feel like your sitting in a café thanks to the smooth and distinctive vanilla taste, rather than drinking a boring, tasteless mass gainer shake.

What’s inside a Bottle of Staunch Kanga Milk?

    • Protein Complex – this includes a blend of whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate, whey protein isolate and micellar casein – just to cover all the bases when it comes to protein uptake and digestion. Thanks to this incredible mix of fast and slow acting proteins you’ll have exactly what you need to make gains.
    • Fats Complex – this includes coconut milk powder, coconut oil powder, organic flax seed powder and mct oil powder. When it comes to hormone balance and brain function healthy fats are essential. The calories in Kanga Milk will help you to grow in a healthy way.
    • Carbohydrate Complex – A variety of complex carbs will fuel protein synthesis and ensure muscle growth, the carbohydrate complex in Kanga Milk includes maltodextrin, Highly branched cyclic dextrin (HBCD), rice bran powder, oat bran fibre and sweet potato powder.
    • Muscle Building Complex – L-Glutamine, creatine monohydrate and BCAA are perfect for muscle refuelling and recovery.
  • Digestive Enzyme Complex – when you choose a muscle gainer and want it to be digested well and easily absorbed into your body, with papain, lactase, protease, lipase and bromelain you can. When you are eating in a calorie surplus, digestion can become quite an issue. To ensure you get the right uptake in your digestion tract Kanga Milk provides all the enzymes you need to help break down those ingredients and convert them into the building blocks you need to build lean muscle mass.

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