Collection: CLA

So, just what is CLA? We’re glad you asked. CLA is a fatty acid that helps break down fat in the body that is produced when working out. CLA stops enzymes from taking the fat from your bloodstream and storing it in your body long term. By limiting the amount of this fat that stays in the body, CLA leads to a more toned, muscular look. Other CLA benefits include increased metabolism and controlled cholesterol. Supps R US offers this important facet of fitness in both powdered and capsule form, making it easy for you to get a sufficient amount of CLA into you no matter your situation. But the convenience doesn’t end there. Order your CLA and other weight management supplements from Supps R Us to enjoy Same Day Dispatch. Many orders also qualify for same-day dispatch. Using CLA can help you nullify any potential negative aspects of other products and give you that tight, toned muscular look you’re shooting for.