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PharmaFreak was founded by two dietary supplement experts, Alex Savva and Don Gauvreau in 2008 and is now responsible for some of the most potent and effective sport nutrition products and supplements on the market. 

SuppsRUs is a proud partner of Pharmafreak and generally stocks a wide range of its products and general accessories on behalf of our Australian and international customers, at the most competitive price you’ll find online. In particular we stock the Pharmafreak Creatine Freak, a concentrated creatine and beta-alanine blend designed for greater solubility, uptake and delivery for an increase in muscle growth and performance; Mass Freak, a supercharging mass gainer packed with fast and sustained-release protein types for a boost in muscle cell volumisation, glycogen storage, workout performance and recovery; plus a heap, heap more from the Pharmafreak range.

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