Collection: Casein

If you’re serious about adding muscle, you better get serious about making protein a regular part of your daily routine. Protein drinks and protein bars are two of the most important weapons in an athlete’s arsenal, as are high-protein foods such as meat, beans and nuts. But not all proteins are the same. Whey proteins are better taken just before and just after working out. That is because your body digests them quickly, allowing them to work in conjunction with your exercise. But casein protein, which helps with muscle regeneration, is best taken later in the day. That’s because it is a slow release protein that takes hours to get into the bloodstream and reach its peak. This ensures your body keeps working long after you’ve hit the showers, even helping you sustain muscle growth overnight while you sleep.

Supps R Us has a variety of slow release proteins in different sizes and flavours that can help keep your fitness routine humming around the clock. Sometimes it’s impossible to grab protein-rich food. Slow release casein protein powders make this a non-issue. Buying these supplements guarantee you have a constant supply of this valuable substance no matter your diet. Most people know that consuming supplements such as creatine, carbohydrates and protein before working out can help increase the positive effects of the work you put in. But you put an unnecessary limit on your success if you do not incorporate both whey and casein protein. A mix of the two products gives you your best chance of packing on muscle and keeping the fat off your frame.

With every Supps R Us order coming with free delivery and a complimentary shaker, not to mention many orders also qualifying for same-day dispatching, there’s no reason why you can’t start enhancing the benefits of your physical activity today.