Collection: Carbohydrates

Machines can’t run without energy. Your body is no different. Working out and being active requires energy. Strenuous physical activity saps some of your body’s ability to function, making you feel worn out. That is why adding to your carbohydrate stocks before working out and replenishing them afterwards is so important when it comes to fitness. Carbohydrate supplements are a great source of extra power that can not only keep you working out longer, but also make sure your body continues reaping the positive benefits of your effort after you’ve left the gym.

Supps R Us has more than a dozen carbohydrate products from leading brands that can help you get ready to perform and also aid in recovery. The benefits of consumption before working out are obvious. Carbohydrate supplements boost energy and give you that extra stamina needed to get through your exercise. However, many people don’t realise that ingesting post workout carbohydrates can also be extremely helpful. In recent times, a lot of users have become wary of carbohydrates because they think they are a contributor to weight gain. While that is not wholly untrue, it is also not the whole story. Consuming carbohydrates is necessary for the body to function. It is even more important after a hard workout. The correct types of carbohydrates, such as the ones we sell, help replenish important ingredients of muscle growth and overall recovery.

Time is of the essence when it comes to post workout nourishment. Waiting too long to use supplements can nullify their effects. The vast array of options from Supps R Us makes sure you can have the carbohydrates your body requires at any time of day or night. All products come with free delivery and a free shaker, with many also qualifying for same-day dispatch.