Collection: Stim-Free Pre-Workouts

People need to take any chance they can get to workout. Sometimes real-life restrictions mean finding the time to put up some kilograms or cover some kilometres only comes at night. Pre workout supplements such as protein powder are necessary tools if you want to push your body to its furthest limit. They can get you in the zone and prepare you for a good session even if you haven’t been able to get a full dose of helpful vitamins and minerals in the hours leading up to your exercise. However, it’s already hard enough to come down from the great high that comes with a tough workout. Adrenaline courses through your veins and all the energy you craved before you laced up your trainers keeps you amped for hours. This is great when you workout during the day. But it’s not great for those training at night. Your sleep schedule can get out of whack, with the effects potentially lasting days. But skipping pre workout supplements that provide you with energy and stamina also isn’t optimal.

That’s why caffeine-free pre workout products are so helpful. Great caffeine-free powders from companies such as International Protein and Dymatize will get you ready to rock your workout without keeping you up until the wee hours of the morning amped on caffeine. The great flavour choices mean you won’t dread choking down the supplements at any time of the day or night. Pre workout products help you make up for any diet deficiencies you might encounter during the day due to an inability to eat a balanced meal.

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