Collection: Glutamine

Amino acids are organic compounds commonly referred to as the building blocks of protein. When it comes to building muscle in the gym, protein, and therefore amino acids, become some of your body’s best friends. Perhaps the most important amino acid in the process of bulking up is glutamine. Glutamine is responsible for a ton of the muscle found in your body. In fact, no other amino acid appears in muscle more than glutamine. In terms of building mass, glutamine increases good stuff and limits bad stuff. More precisely, it limits the degeneration of muscle that occurs when working out and improves the metabolism of ever-important protein in your body.

But glutamine benefits don’t stop there. The mighty amino acid’s reach stretches beyond muscle structure. It extends to other parts of the body, too, by helping get energy to cells. Keeping your glutamine intake high can also help with your carbohydrate levels, which aid in recovery after strenuous exercise. Everybody knows that such taxing physical activity saps your body of important energy. Unsurprisingly, your glutamine levels are also lowered when working out. That is not good for muscle growth or general recovery. That’s why consuming glutamine powder before lifting is so important. It helps your body realise its full potential by taking advantage of the workout as much as possible.

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