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Vitargo Global Sciences, Inc. is an evidence-based performance nutrition company. University studies in humans prove our products are superior to the fastest carb: maltodextrin. Vitargo is one of the rare companies led by a nutrition science expert (Anthony L. Almada, MSc, FISSN, Nutritional/Exercise Biochemistry, UC Berkeley; co-founder of EAS; 40+ years of nutrition science, clinical research and industry experience). Like a pharmaceutical company, we allocate a percentage of our revenues (not our profits) to sponsoring university studies in human athletes, led by expert research scientists. By Q4 2016 we will have completed over a dozen studies on four different Vitargo ®-containing products. Unlike a pharmaceutical company, we tenaciously strive to pioneer natural quality control measures that are unparalleled: best in class testing for gluten (ELISA), banned substances, and label claims on EACH batch (after manufacture on ALL our products—the first brand in the world).