Collection: Protein Powder

Protein is one of the most popular items in the supplement world and an essential part of building muscle. For better or worse, thousands of protein supplements fight for the attention of lifters around the world. Luckily for you we carry a wide array of products that will suit workout warriors of all shapes, sizes and genders. When combined with our excellent range of great tasting protein powders & protein bars, we here at Supps R Us have more than 200 different protein options to help you pack on that muscle you’re building towards.

A lot of protein can come from the food you eat. But as you increase your workout routine and start to include more and more difficult activity, the amount of protein your body needs to function at its peak capability climbs higher and higher. Protein comes in two main forms. Whey protein is a quicker-acting protein that starts working in your bloodstream almost immediately. Because of this, it is best to take whey protein supplements before and soon after you put in your work. Alternatively, casein proteins, otherwise known as slow release proteins, are absorbed into your bloodstream at a slower rate. They take hours to fully breakdown, meaning they are great for late night ingestion to keep the power of protein working in your body as you sleep. Many athletes like to take a mix of both types to get full benefits.

No matter what type of protein you’re after, Supps R Us is sure to have something to fit your needs.